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20 September
— I’m done

My first love is over. And I’m now completely out of that fucking fairy tale. Because it was what I expected to be there were tons of disappointment. But not any more. It was truly a good experience. I got to know how it feels when your heart rips apart. Hurts even when you breathe, drink or eat. I wonder if it does affect it physically, but that’s what I’ve got.

What I actually had expected was how dramas portray a kinda good and decent man. This kind of man never never exist. After knowing so much about man, I seriously think that they are… animal? Ya, we already are. You know what I mean. 

I wonder how fat and ugly girls got their partner to really love them. Is there really such guy? But it is true that all men like pretty girls, so why would a guy go with a fat and ugly one? Oh and then ask her to go on diet…? Okay, I kind of agree with this. Fat girls should go on diet. But when she made an effort to and she already know that she’s fat, you either shut up or dump her. Every comment about this feels like a stab in the heart. I already lost 16kg and he said don’t tell him what I ate if I think it is inappropriate. Hahaha fuck you.

Someone told me that it’s ok if your boyfriend talks or flirts with other girls. It might be common but it’s not okay. It hurts. They know it’ll hurt their partner but still. Every guy is doing this. This is so a ridiculous fact that I don’t want to accept.

So I guess it’s nothing much looking at pretty girl’s picture and video? Another fact that can’t be change but it still hurts.

I am never his priority. This is probably just my case. Kinda sad. No, very sad thing. I don’t actually ask for much and I don’t even get a bit of that much. I comes after alot of things. Probably at lease before his friends? Uh, no. He just came online at 3am saying cos there are lesser people around and so that he can talk to me. But he actually didn’t talk much and talked to someone else more actively. This is the last fatal reason.

Seriously I don’t wanna get loved and appreciated because I have put in effort in this relationship. But funny, I hope I at least get that and I got nothing. 

I’ll soar up high and be someone you had never imagine you could have. 

Mr Song, if I ever want to go back together and beg you, please do me one last favour and say no.

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20 August
— I’m tired


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01 August
— Potato Head Folk


Took us awhile to get here thanks to screwed up apple map. 



Kind of a hipster Artsy restaurant, so much of decorations and paintings on wall.




Baby Huey Burger and crispy wings. They are actually a burger restaurant but I’m much more attracted to the wings, a definitely must try! All these with a cocktail drink at $42. Kind of pricey… 

Potato Head Folk
36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore

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16 July
— Im a Designer

Hello I’m a designer. Everything else is not going well, but my career is keeping me alive. My dream is to be a stationery designer and to have my own brand or a stationery shop.

Remember your dream. 

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04 July
— Summer in Busan


// Arrived at Seoul Station and tried this citron tea (유자차, yujacha)  from the vending machine, unexpectedly nice! 

// Randomly walked around our hotel. Found and had this BBQ pork (삼겹살, samgyeopsal) at ₩24,000 (3 servings). I really like the generosity in Korean restaurants, every meal looked like a feast with all the yummy side dishes. 


// Off to explore Centum City

// Pork cutlet burger? Not really nice though..

// This was the awesome thing! 팔선생 (Palseonsaeng, 八先生) seafood fried noodles at the basement of Shinsegae Department Store. This was so yumz! ₩8,900

// Walking to Haeundae Beach (해운대)

// Macaron ice-cream! ₩5,000

// Passed by a train track while finding a hamburger restaurant. 

// Couldn’t find that hamburger restaurant, so we had this instead. 100% Beef Hamburg Steak! We thought they sell hamburger though.

// Not bad for a random hunt. ₩10,000

// Street chocolate waffle, ₩1,990.


// Finding the way to spicy rice cakes (떡볶이, ddeokbokki)!

// Walked through this colourful market. The spicy rice cake is at the end of this street.

// Here’s the spicy rice cakes! Omnomnomz!

// We’re here for the rice cakes but found this pancake (호떡, heotteok), which is extremely nice! Only ₩500! 

// While heading for main lunch, had this rice drink (식혜, sikhye)

// 몽뜰, mongddeul. 

// Another feast! Awesome bibimbap and crab soup. ₩24,000 


// Heading to Taejongdae, 태종대. 

// Tickets for the cute train up the park.

// Had lunch near by. Seafood noodles (짬뽕, jjampong) and black bean noodles (짜장면, jjajangmyeon). There were many people queuing up for this and totally worth to wait. SO NOMZ!

// BIFF, Busan International Film Festival

// Peanut bingsu? & peanut toast. This is SO NOMZ too!

// Street takoyaki

// Cheese flavour


// Walked around Seomyeon, 서면.

// Hamburger! ₩10,000

// Jambalaya ₩9,800. Unexpectedly nice!

// Nitrogen ice-cream. 


// Train station. Not in use anymore. 

// Foggy morning. Had breakfast at Gwangali Beach, 광안리해수욕장.

// Honey bee ice-cream! 

// Yonggongsa Temple, 용궁사

// Had lunch again at Shinsegae. Beef Stew? Cost ₩40,000 for two! But nomz anyway!

// Cabbed back to hotel and Andy asked the driver to cross the bridge.

End of trip. So much fun it was. 

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17 June
— Pumpkin Porridge (호박죽 Hobakjuk)

Easy, yummy and healthy. Took me only 20 minutes! 


250g or 1/4 pumpkin diced
100ml water
1/2ts glutinous rice flour
5ts water


1. Boil pumpkin for approx 5 mins till soft.
2. But them in blender.
3. Mix glutinous rice flour with 5ts of water.
4. Add in the mixture into the blender and 100ml of water.
5. Blend them and you’re done!

*I blend it when the pumpkin is still hot. You can wait for it to cool down before blending them, and heat it up after that. 

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16 June
— Pumpkin & Mixed Veggie Rice

Just mixing what I’ve got in the fridge. Turned out good and yummy! 


100g pumpkin diced
20g cucumber diced
20g carrot chopped
20g minced pork
1/2ts garlic
1/2ts olive oil
100g cooked rice


1. Boil pumpkin for approx 5 mins till soft.
2. Heat up pan, spread olive oil and fry garlic till fragrant.
3. Add in carrot then minced pork. Heat and fry for approximately 5 minutes.
4. Add in cucumber and the boiled pumpkin. Mix and fry for a little while. 
5. Put them on top of the cooked rice and done! 

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10 June
— I Know

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19 May
— Orange Salad

Healthy lunch! Kinda good combination! Rich in carotene, which our body converts it to vitamin A, good source for healthy skin!


1/2 orange sliced
1/4 carrot sliced and boiled
1/4 red pepper bell sliced
100g chicken fillet diced
1/2ts garlic
1/4ts butter


1. Heat up pan, spread butter and fry garlic till fragrant.
2. Add in pepper bell then carrot. Heat and fry for approximately 5 minutes.
3. Boil diced chicken fillet. 
4. Put together pepper bell and carrot, then diced chicken and sliced orange. 

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30 April
— Kimchi Pancake 김치전 & Baked Vegetables


Kimchi pancake for lunch! Easy to make and hassle free. Used only 45 mins to prepare this lunch box.

Kimchi Pancake 김치전


1/2 cup buchimgaru 부침가루 (korean pancake mix)
/2 cup water
1/2 cup kimchi
2ts vegetable oil 


1. Mix the pancake mix with water in a bowl.
2. Add in the kinchi and mix well.
3. Heat up frying pan with medium heat. Add 2ts of vegetable oil and heat up for a minute.
4. Pour half of the mix on to the frying pan. After approximately 3-4 minutes, flip the pancake and fry the other side.
5. Fry it till golden brown and you’re done!


Baked Mixed Vegetables


3ts mixed vegetables
1ts mayonnaise
1/4 piece of sliced cheese


1. Preheat oven to 150 degree.
2. Mix the vegetables with mayonnaise and pepper.
3. Put them on a small aluminium cup and place the sliced cheese on top.
4. Bake for 5 minutes.